First thing’s first: This space is for YOU.

We exist so you can say things on your mind, ask questions, find answers, be creative, get inspired, find your people, and express yourself—anxiety free.

In order to create a space, a community, and a culture that is kind and judgement free, we need you to agree to be awesome.

Make Maverick a safe, creative and inspiring space:

I will be unapologetically me.


I will treat my peers in this community with respect, love, understanding, care, and generosity.


I will celebrate others who share bravely, consider people’s feelings, and choose kindness over criticism.  


I will respect other users’ identities, including race, gender, size, religion, sexuality, ability, and national origin. I will be mindful of this both in my responses and my comments on the Maverick platform.


I will engage with the goal of building deeper connections, not ever to embarrass, humiliate, bully or shame anyone else.


I will report any content or comment that feels mean, hurtful, threatening, or dangerous immediately.


I will use my right to delete any comment posted on my work mindfully.

Before I post my brilliant work:

I will only post work I created, either on my own or with collaborators, unless I have direct permission from the original creator.


I will refrain from using hateful speech, violent language or vulgar content, and I understand that if I do, my post will be deleted and I will be contacted by Team Maverick.


I will not post spam. I get it — no one likes it.


For my safety and the safety of my fellow Mavericks:

I will seek out support — both inside and outside Maverick — should I see something that makes me feel uncomfortable, triggers sad or angry feelings, or reminds me of painful experiences in my life.


I will not post illegal content. This includes representations of illegal drug use, threats of violence, or other actions that are against the law.


I will never agree to meet someone I “met” on Maverick IRL without first discussing it with my parents or guardians.  


I will not give out personal information such as my last name, address, telephone number, and the name or location of my school without the permission of my parents or guardians.


I will not expose the personal information of any of my fellow Mavericks.